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In Salalah City

As the Free Zone grows, the number of companies will increase, and with it city population will increase. There will be a need for additional office space, hotels, restaurants, apartments, retail space, leisure and various other services. The Salalah Free Zone encourages any investor to come cease opportunities in Real estate (Office space; Apartments), Hospitality (Hotels; Restaurants), Retail, Leisure. In the meantime, Salalah offers a number of amenities as detailed in this section. Despite all the amenities offered in Salalah City, it is important to note, that the cost of living remains relatively low. Residents enjoy high living standards.

In Salalah City


There is a wide choice of accommodation available in the Salalah region ranging from simple self- catering flats to five star luxury accommodations such as the Crown Plaza, Hilton Hotel, Marriott Resort and Marina Salalah. In addition to hotels there are many villas and apartments available to meet all visitors’ expectations.

In Salalah City


The Sultanate has paid great attention to Education. This has been done through the establishment of many public schools in addition there has been great investment in privatized education, which offer globally high standards.

These schools are bilingual and offer global curriculum standards. In Salalah itself there are approximately six private schools that cater to international educational needs.

In Salalah City

Medical Care

There are several hospitals within the Province. The largest being the Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah. In addition to government hospitals, there are a number of health centers across the province as well as several private hospitals.

In Salalah City


By Road:

Many visitors choose for convenience to travel to Salalah by road either by driving or taking the bus. A purpose built highway of over 1000 kilometers links Salalah with the north of the Sultanate of Oman and UAE border. The journey from Muscat by road takes 12 hours and along the main route from Nizwa to Salalah there are budget accommodations for travelers on long journeys across the Sultanate. In addition, to further extend the reach of Salalah construction has begun on road connections between Salalah and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

By Air:

Oman Air provides up to three daily flights from Muscat to Salalah and up to five weekly direct flights from Dubai. During the Khareef Season there are flights from a number of Gulf region centers some of which are non- stop and others involve a short transit stop in Muscat. The new terminal at Salalah Airport has created aims of an expansion of capacity to 1 million passengers annually by 2014. The airport has been designed with the future in mind and there is capacity to develop the airport further to cater to up to 6 million passengers.

In Salalah City

Banking and Money

There are many banks which can serve investors as well as visitors in Salalah from local leading banks like Bank Muscat, Bank Dhofar, and Bank Sohar as well as HSBC.


Automated Teller Machines can be found in most major supermarkets, hotels and other locations throughout the country.

Credit Cards:

All major credit cards are accepted in main hotels, stores and larger shops but in traditional souks only cash is accepted.

In Salalah City


Tourists from neighboring countries flock to this verdant paradise that offers a cooler climate than the surrounding region.

Salalah is an extremely unique and fascinating location; it epitomizes the beauty of nature, with long stretching white beaches, as well as several valleys and national parks. When in Salalah please make sure to visit the Ain (park) Gerziz.